About Me

Smiley Cat is the online home of Christian Watson (LinkedIn profile).

Originally from the UK, Christian lived in the US for over 15 years and now lives with his family in Bangkok, Thailand. Somehow, he has managed to keep his British accent.

For his day job, he leads the CX product management team and the product design team for TrueMoney, a leading digital wallet in Southeast Asia.

Previously, he worked as a Mobile Product Manager for Lazada looking after their mobile apps and mobile website.

Before moving to Thailand, Christian lived in Austin, TX. There, he managed the online business for Observint Technologies, a manufacturer and distributor of video security products. Ecommerce websites for which he was responsible included Supercircuits and Security Cameras Direct.

Before this he worked in the gaming industry for several years, managing the web teams of BioWare and NCsoft. Although he no longer works in the industry, he maintains his life-long love of gaming (currently on PS4).

In the evenings Christian tries to keep up on his blog (thanks for reading!), stay current with the latest developments in mobile user experience, while still engaging in the appropriate level of adoration for his lovely wife, entertaining his two kids, and keeping up his gamer score.

Before moving to Austin from Seattle, Christian was the ran the web team for Seattle Children’s Hospital for 4+ years. He was and still remains in awe of the doctors and nurses there and the amazing things they do for kids.

Prior to joining Children’s, Christian worked as a management consultant for Kurt Salmon Associates on projects for a variety of large retail clients. It was during this time that he was introduced to the world of e-commerce and digital product management.

After leaving KSA, Christian got more heavily into web design and freelanced for a year or so before realizing that the offer of a regular salary and work hours was a pretty tempting one.

Being decidedly English, he enjoys the delicious, tangy taste of Marmite and doesn’t feel right without a brief mid-morning refuel of elevenses.