Microsoft Office Tips & Tricks

For those of us that seek to become even more powerful users of Office (knowing look, Keith), PC Magazine has kindly come up with 106 Office Tips and Tricks. Well worth a look.
On a side note, it’s interesting to see how unusable their site is. Try navigating around the tips and tricks article without having to go back to the main link via the breadcrumb in order to get to another main section.
You can’t dip into the Word section, read a few tips and then jump over to, say, the Excel section without going back to the main page. Which you can’t get to without using the breadcrumb trail. Like anyone would want to do that – silly me!
They also take the take the “page” metaphor to an extreme for their content (presumably to throw more ads at us) and break it up into small chunks on separate pages. Given that the site is not the fastest at loading, this soon (for “soon” read “as soon as you have to click the ‘next’ link for the first time”) becomes a real pain.
Fortunately, there’s a workaround to this usability snafu – click on the “print” icon and the whole article is nicely laid out on a single page, sans intrusive advertisements.

Real Life User Personas

Here’s a real life persona for you – the busy housewife (or, mother, home worker, domestic engineer, etc).

My wife is a busy mother and [one of the above] and uses the web every day, mostly for checking her email, managing our online photo albums and reading the Babycenter bulletin boards.

She also buys things online and manages a large proportion of our finances online, reads the news and stays up with the latest entertainment goings on.

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