11 Eye-catching Airline Website Designs

As I was checking ticket prices for flights back to the UK this summer, I happened to use the websites of several airlines. The variety in terms of design and the quality of that design was noticeable.

I’m always interested in the different approaches that web design teams take when creating websites within an industry that share many common characteristics, so I thought I would look a little wider at airline websites from around the world and see which ones appealed to me the most from a visual standpoint.

Despite the budgets that these companies spend on their online presences, in my opinion, the overall quality of these sites was poor to middling. Nevertheless, I did find eleven sites in my by no means exhaustive review that caught my eye.

Let me know in the comments if I missed any other examples of good airline website design that stand out to you.

Adria Airways

Adria Airways airline website

American Airlines

American Airlines website

British Airways

British Airways website

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines website


Iceland Air website


Jet Blue website


Lufthansa website


Quantas website

US Airways

US Airways website

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic website

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia website

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  1. Thomas John said that your design must be friendly for your customers. According to JD Power, 87% of travelers used the web to book travel tickets in 2012, yet most sites are still stuck in the 90s. That’s why the design of air websites must be user friendly to increase your exposure.

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