Banner Ad Design Showcase: 77 Examples of Effective Banner Ad Designs

I’ve recently been working on a number of retargeting banner ad campaigns using Retargeter to serve the ads.

In order to provide some guidance to my designer and to get a better understanding the types of banner ad I wanted to create, I pulled together this showcase of banner ad designs, which I think show off many of the best practices for banner ad design.

Living Social banner ad design example
Living Social

There are plenty of articles about banner ad design best practices, but I like the way Retargeter sums them up in a convenient list on their getting started page:

  1. Keep It Simple – Have one simple message and a clear and powerful image.
  2. Buttons Increase CTR – A succinct call to action within a button is ideal.
  3. Honesty Is The Best Policy – Make your offer and/or value proposition clear and honest.
  4. Give It Away – Hold a promotion or have a contest, give away free products.
  5. Beauty Sells – Shameless but true, a picture of an attractive person increases CTR.
  6. Be BOLD – Use a powerful headline: get people to think / react and then click.
  7. No White Backgrounds – They blend in with the page and don’t allow your ad to pop.
  8. Stay Relevant – Have ads that are relevant to current events or important new trends.
  9. Iterate – Keep trying new ideas and ads until you find one that works for your users.

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