Building Your Online Reputation

This post by Seth Godin on building your backlist (or as I think of it, building your online reputation) struck a chord with me.

As a hiring manager working in online sales/marketing, one of the first things I do when reviewing potential candidates is to Google them and see how active they are on the web. Do they have a website/blog, a portfolio, a Twitter account, Instagram account, etc.

The internet is very transparent and makes it -easy- easier for employers to see if candidates not only practice what they preach in their resume but also have a real passion for the work they are applying for.

If I’m hiring you for a creative position, why can’t I find examples of your work online? If it’s for a marketing position, where can I find evidence of you sharing your expertise and interest in the subject?

It also enables me to see if there are any obvious red flags that would potentially exclude the candidate from the next round, or at least give me pause for thought.

The thing is, all this takes time to develop, which is why you shouldn’t wait until you’re looking for employment to start building your online presence. As Godin points out, if you do build your backlist in a deliberate, thoughtful way it will pay dividends in the years to come.

6 thoughts to “Building Your Online Reputation”

  1. It takes years to make a reputation and seconds to destroy. It; s very important to build an online reputation, but some competitors post fake reviews, Fake post and create threads to spoil the reputation. How can we combat that please let me know.

  2. Online reputation is very important to attain the customer’s trust. Like Microsoft has build its reputation world wide, now whatever product they lauch, it is appericiated by people all around the world.

  3. People spend a lot of time on the Internet, so, create a positive reputation online its a priority, or most be a priority for small business.

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