Cheap Alternative for Web Site Usability Testing

Just came across — a company that conducts remote usability testing for only $19 per user study. For that you get a 15 minute video of the tester using your web site and a short written report.

Compared with the cost of running traditional usability studies, that’s a good deal.

If they can find users with the right demographic characteristics, this could be a great service.

Side note: The last question on the FAQ page made me chuckle:

You didn’t answer my question. How come?
Probably because this FAQ was written by a PR person. Please ask us your question using our contact us form.

Oh, and if you like spouting your opinions about web sites, you can always apply to be a tester and get paid (a little) for the privilege.

3 thoughts to “Cheap Alternative for Web Site Usability Testing”

  1. I have no idea as I’ve never used them. However, I’d like to try them out on some of the sites for which I’m responsible; especially a couple that are more like online applications.

  2. I would be very interested in trying this approach, I usually get my friends / family to user test and with a limited budget this seems to work great. But for 19dollars i think i will give this service a try – good find!

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