Fresh Insights From Global Mobile Commerce Study [Infographic]

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, IAB, surveyed mobile users from 19 countries around the world for their mobile commerce study “Mobile Commerce: A Global Perspective.”

The resulting report and infographic provide some valuable insights about mobile ecommerce around the globe.

Mobile Commerce: A Global Perspective infographic
Mobile Commerce: A Global Perspective infographic

Highlights and Key Takeaways

75% of mobile internet users have purchased a product or service via their mobile device in the past 6 months.

Mobile purchasers make 31% of typical monthly purchases via their mobile device, versus 44% made in-store.

Turkey and China are the two leading markets in terms of share of mobile purchases.

Motivators for Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is primarily driven by convenience and value:

  • 49% Convenience
  • 46% Timesaving
  • 34% Best deal

80% of mobile shoppers are satisfied with their mobile purchase experience.

62% plan to purchase more products or services via their mobile device.

Barriers to Mobile Commerce

Barriers that need to be addressed to ensure the continued growth of mobile commerce:

  • 31% No need to shop from their phone
  • 21% Security concerns
  • 21% Privacy concerns
  • 14% Poor reviews from other shoppers

Other common user frustrations with mobile commerce include high cost of transactions (e.g. shipping fees), taking too long to make a mobile purchase, difficult to use mobile sites or apps, previous bad experiences, and unstable mobile networks.

Multi-Channel Commerce

Mobile devices serve as a direct purchase channel as well as a research too to aid purchases on other channels:

  • 44% of mobile purchasers have bought on a mobile device after visiting an offline store.
  • 51% have bought in a store after researching on a mobile device.

Mobile Advertising

60% of mobile shoppers discover new products or services via social media. 71% of South Americans are motivated by social media to make a purchase from their mobile device.

38% of mobile purchasers use social media to share their mobile purchase experience.

Mobile Wallet

18% of mobile purchasers have used a mobile wallet to purchase products or services in the last 6 months.

China is the leading market to adopt mobile payments (47%), followed by Norway (42%) and the UK (24%).

Products and services purchased using mobile wallets:

  • 43% Smartphone apps
  • 42% Digital content
  • 41% Product ordered online
  • 40% Food or drink
  • 34% Services
  • 30% Utilities


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