Get Buy-in Faster with this One-page Usability Test Plan Dashboard

I often struggle to get stakeholders to read project documents, even if they are something as simple as a two-page creative brief.

That’s why I found this one-page usability test plan dashboard from Userfocus to a potentially useful tool for outlining everything involved with running a usability test in an easily digestible format that even busy co-workers can find time to read scan.

The test plan dashboard covers the following areas:

  1. What you are testing – website, product, etc
  2. Business case for the test – what is the overall purpose of the test
  3. Test objectives – what specific questions are you trying to answer
  4. Participants – how many and who they should be
  5. Equipment – what tools are needed to run the test
  6. Usability test tasks -what will particpants be doing
  7. Team responsibilities – who’s involved and what are their roles
  8. Test location and dates – when and where is the test occurring
Usability test plan dashboard
Usability test plan dashboard

Click through to the User Testing article to read more about it and to download an editable PDF version.