Get More Traffic: 18 Social Media Sites for Web Designers

Yes, it’s great to get your article on the front page of Digg’s design section — you get a huge traffic spike; hopefully your site stays up; you get a bunch of snarky comments — but it’s not exactly easy to do.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Here are 18 web design-related social media sites that are easier to rank well on and will keep sending quality traffic your way.

It’s worth pointing out that in the interest of keeping the signal-to-noise ratio high, only submit your best posts to these sites. This will help them to increase their readership and thus send more traffic your way — a virtuous circle, if you will.

Social Media Sites for Web Designers

  1. Design Float
  2. CSS Globe (Community News section)
  3. Noupe
  4. Pixel Groovy
  5. DevelopersNiche
  6. Stylegala (Public News section)
  7. Behance Network (Tip Exchange section)
  8. Web Design Library
  9. DZone
  10. Mixx (Design category)
  11. tweako (Web Design section)
  12. TTiqq (Internet category)
  13. Sphinn (SEO-focused)
  14. SEO TAGG (SEO-focused)

Bonus: It’s worth submitting your very best posts to Smashing Magazine for inclusion in their best of the month digest. Newcomer Posh CSS will let you submit CSS-related articles for inclusion on their site.

Now then, what gems have I missed?