Optimization Tips for Thank You Pages

Some years ago, I asked the question are you making the most of your thank you pages? Fortunately, GetElastic has come to the rescue with a useful collection of tips and best practices for optimizing your thank you pages.

Examples include:

  • Enabling guest checkout customers to create an account
  • Suggesting more products the customer could purchase
  • Offering the customer a coupon for a discount off their next order
  • Including an email sign up form
  • Highlighting other relevant content such as an app or a gift finder
  • Linking to a ‘tell us what you think’ survey
  • Sharing your purchase via social media

With all of these opportunities for engaging your customers, there really is no excuse for presenting a generic thank you page when they complete their purchase.

5 thoughts to “Optimization Tips for Thank You Pages”

  1. Good point, a lot of people tend to ignore these pages as they just thank the user with little more in the way of information.
    Definitely worth utilising this in different ways other than just to thank people.

  2. This is a brilliant idea, normally my main concern while designing thank you pages was just to get with it, devise a suitable message and find the right font to output it. Never thought of optimizing the thank you page. Ideas mentioned here are a great way to engage the client further.
    Excellent food for thought for me. many thanks!

  3. Very helpful points. Just to highlight also that the “thank you’s” can be incorporated in a structured page of Testimonies which picks up email “thank you/testimony”. Or, when thanked verbally, you can ask “can I put that on our testimony page” Overall this builds credibility, and provides the site content change that Google value

  4. Website owners will be able to grow their business by following these simple tips to optimize their thank you pages on their website. They can engage the attention of customers on their websites by offering any of these interesting features to website visitors.

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