Save Time and Effort With the Testimonial Generator

When I was freelancing testimonials were always a major pain to get from clients. Most of the time I would write them myself and get the client to approve them (at least that way they would say what you wanted).

All this hassle could have been avoided if only the testimonial generator had been available back then!

Create ‘authentic’ testimonials with Testimonial Generator

Here’s what ‘Mike Ramirez’ would have said about me:

Smiley Cat Web Design is the real deal! Best. Product. Ever! I have gotten at leat 50 times the value from Smiley Cat Web Design.

And how about his enthusiastic brother ‘Robert Ramirez’:

The best on the net! We were treated like royalty. Smiley Cat Web Design is the real deal!

Want something funny? Thanks ‘Pam Williams’:

Stinky goop is exactly what our business has been lacking. I highly endorse it. It really saves me time and effort.

Don’t forget to read the article from Matt Cutts that inspired this tool.

3 thoughts to “Save Time and Effort With the Testimonial Generator”

  1. Thats hilarious.
    bq. I would gladly pay over $600 for Chris’s Cat Food. Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure doing business with. Dude, your stuff is the bomb!
    –Anthony Wood

  2. I’m sure many of the testimonials we read out there are fake… I have had no success getting my clients to find the time to write any.
    great find!

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