The Top 8 Search Engine Optimization Techniques

In “The 80/20 Of Search Engine Marketing” (“Part 1”: and “Part 2”:, Yaro Starak discusses “The 8 Essential Things You REALLY Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization” by SEO guru Brad Fallon.
Fortunately, he goes into some detail about what these ‘essential things’ actually are; I’ve listed them here as an introduction to his posts.

h2. On-Page SEO
Things you can do on your own site:
# Title tags
# Keyword density
# Site structure
# Internal links
h2. Off-Page SEO
In a nutshell – getting other sites to link to you:
# Links and pagerank
# Page reputation
# Anchor text
# Link popularity
h2. Keywords in Domain Names?
Yaro makes an interesting point concerning the debate on whether you should put keywords in your domain name:
bq. …when people link to you they often use your domain name and if your keywords are in your domain name then the anchor text people use to link to you will contain your keywords.
Nevertheless, I much prefer to, say,
Anyway, if you’re not familiar with any of the above terms or feel that you may not be applying these techniques as best you can to your site, you’d do well to check out his posts.

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  1. I am having difficulties moving my site up on Google based on my lesser used keywords. The keyword density tip was great. Thanks.

  2. *Timothy* – those are definitely two good articles. Also, don’t forget to read “The Best SEO Guide Ever” – that document is pretty much all you really need to know about search engine optimization.

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