Where are the Best Web Designers: Europe or the US?

Google launched a new service recently – Google Trends – which allows you to compare searches and see which parts of the world are searching for what terms.

Just for fun I tried a comparison of ‘CSS’ and ‘HTML’ searches for 2006. Here are the top cities searching for these terms:

Top cities in Google Trends for HTML and CSS (Blue: CSS, Red: HTML)
Top cities in Google Trends for HTML and CSS (Blue: CSS, Red: HTML)

It’s interesting to see that Sweden, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands lead in CSS searches whereas the US leads by a wide margin in HTML-related searches.

So, does this mean that the Europeans are more advanced web designers than their US counterparts? Why else would they be performing more CSS searches if they had not already mastered lowly HTML?

And what are two supposed hubs of internet technology – Seattle and San Francisco – doing leading the world in searches for HTML? Shouldn’t they have this stuff memorized by now?

On the other hand, perhaps this is where the next generation of web designers / developers are honing their skills. Strange, because I thought that was happening in eastern Europe and India. 😉

4 thoughts to “Where are the Best Web Designers: Europe or the US?”

  1. Even more interesting is to click on the “regions” tab and perform a trend search on “accessibility”.
    I ran a few checks on things like “box model” and “cross browser” and was quite suprised to find Australia topped most of them.
    I have a feeling I may end up wasting a bit of time on this.

  2. *mtod* – no kidding! It is quite entertaining playing around with this tool. The UK tops the world in searches for “ie hack”, for instance.
    Do a comparison search for “internet explorer” and “firefox” and you get some interesting results – India leads, followed by the Philippines and then Chile. Who would have thought!

  3. Strange to see that ‘web design’ and ‘web development’ barely get an ‘honorable mention’ from the US. As an American business owner, I am straight up guilty of not thinking outside of the US borders as much as I should!

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