Abandoned Cart Email Design Showcase: 30+ Examples of Abandoned Cart Emails

As part of setting up my own abandoned shopping cart email program, I wanted to see some good examples of copywriting and design for this very specific type of triggered email.

Multiple image searches later, it turns out there are not very many samples to choose from, so I decided to collect some for myself. View the abandoned cart email design showcase.

Drugstore.com abandoned cart email design example

What did surprise me was that less than one in three leading online retailers use an abandoned cart email program. Because it is such a recognized ecommerce best practice, I expected this ratio to be much higher – at least 50%.

What surprised me even more was how few retailers sent more than one email. It was two or three at most.

If you’re interested in examples of pure abandoned cart email copywriting, I also suggest you check out my post 37 Examples of Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails, which takes away the design element and purely focuses on the tricky art of writing these emails.

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  1. I wish I could setup an abandoned quote request form email for professional services website. It’s just a tad bit more trickier then a tangible product to get them to enter their email.

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