Worst Banner Ad Ever?

When you do a lot of remarketing, you’re always on the lookout for good banner ad designs and ideas. So, I couldn’t help but notice that this banner ad is the polar opposite to anything I would consider to be best practice for banner ad design.

I understand that advertising for prescription drugs is typically required to include a lot of disclaimers, but this is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. Plus, I don’t have a clue what the ad is even promoting.

Worst Banner Ad Ever?
Axiron banner ad

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3 thoughts to “Worst Banner Ad Ever?”

  1. Completely agree with you, that is really bad design of Banner creation. It is true that you need to put effective information on your banner so that people can get to you easily. But words should be effective enough to get attention! here i can see only words, I don’t even wanna read the rest of the ad. When you are creation a banner for your business for promotion, effective word selection is really required.

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