Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client [Infographic]

This is pretty good — we’ve all dealt with them. I particularly like the quote:

50% of web design clients only know what they don’t want, and they don’t know what that is until you design it for them.

The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client Infographic
The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client


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  1. Actually imagination is different than reality, so clients only just imagine that they want this and this. I completely agree that 50% web design clients actually don’t know what they want.

  2. What exactly does the second part of the infographic do with the topic? 🙂 They seem to have run out of relevant information…

  3. I’ll give another +1 to “Make it Pop”. Thats my all time favorite especially when I’ve been very up front that it’s wordpress with a theme so the only thing that will make it pop at that point is popping their wallet to buy a better package =)

  4. I love this! I’ll definitely be sharing it with our design and programming department. That really is the problem – most clients really don’t know what they want. That’s when a niche firm comes in handy. 😉

  5. @chris — “make it pop,” how I love to hear that. When I’m reviewing designs I sometimes like to throw that in just to see how people will react!
    On a related note, however, it is often hard for non-designers to communicate what they don’t like about a design. It’s not as if we’ve grown up with an extensive vocabulary for this type of critique.
    I think it is up to the designer to tease out from the stakeholder what it is about the design that works for them and does not work rather than just bemoan the fact the the director of sales does not give any useful feedback.

  6. Haha this amused me! As a new web design/development company I will take on board what is said above about getting the client to point out parts of other websites that they do and dont like. I think a thorough spec is vital for everyones sanity when building a website!

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