Web Tooltip Design Showcase

Tooltips are a useful way to present additional, context-sensitive information about an element on a web page, such as a hyperlink.

As tooltips continue to become more common as a means for users to interact with web page elements, the need for good tooltip design has become more important.

ADT web tooltip design example

This collection of 40+ tooltip designs showcases the different approaches that web designers are taking for tooltip design and highlights the range of options available for styling this popular UI element.

View the tooltip design gallery.

Further Reading on Creating Tooltips

9 thoughts to “Web Tooltip Design Showcase”

  1. If anything, tool tips are a great way to provide further detail without crowding your page. It’s also a great way to keep people interested and interacting with your content.

  2. I do agree they’re a great way of displaying extra info/pointers but they should be kept to a minimalist design/format as they can be a big distraction and where possible should not appear over important content.

  3. As mentioned above and i have the experience about toolkit it can avail us the different kind of functionality that can enhance the features of a web page and hence it will become more descriptive.

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