Free Google Analytics Dashboards and Custom Reports

As part of their announcement about improved custom report and dashboard sharing, Google have released several custom reports and dashboards for Google Analytics users to install.

If you’re a blogger you’ll want to check out the basic blog dashboard and the engaged traffic advanced segment.

If you manage an ecommerce site, then the daily ecommerce report and the mobile ecommerce dashboard will be useful additions. And any website owner will find the site performance dashboard useful.

I, personally, have not found myself to be too adept at creating really useful dashboards and custom reports in Google Analytics, and so I’ve found any templates like these that are created by experts to be most useful.

10 thoughts to “Free Google Analytics Dashboards and Custom Reports”

  1. How I love to have Google Analytics and dashboard reports! I appreciate what you have shared here! I hope you can share more of your interesting and SEO and web design helpful blogs! Great job, thanks a lot. Have a nice day!

  2. I have 3 no price website in blog writer, weebly, and yola i have the google research for my website designed in weebly . can i have research for other 2 of my websites in same google mail concern or i have to make a new e-mail id for each website?

  3. I love Google Analytics… I just hate the new UI they’re forcing upon me! Let’s give this thing a crack. Good post!

  4. Thank you for your thoughts about a basic blog dashboard. It’s something I’m interested in investigating in order to help my clients.

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