Web Design Trends to Help You Spring Clean Your Resume

This post from Andy Budd on web design trends is fascinating as it shows how once-popular terms such as information architecture and interaction design are falling out of favor when compared with UX design and responsive design.

All of which leads to the question – are you targeting the right keywords in your resume? I’m not sure that I am.


Are you focusing on organic rankings or trying to buy your way to the top?

Google Trends: SEO (blue) vs. PPC (red)

HTML5 and CSS3

Are you part of the modern web design revolution?

Google Trends: HTML5 and CSS3

Android vs. iOS

Are you backing the right mobile horse?

Google Trends: Android vs. iOS

Content Marketing vs. Link Directory

How are you building links to your site?

Google Trends: Content marketing vs. link directory

6 thoughts to “Web Design Trends to Help You Spring Clean Your Resume”

  1. “HTML5 vs CSS3”? How does that comparison add value to this discussion? HTML5 works with CSS3 – hand in hand. A better comparison might have been “CSS3 vs Flash” or “HTML5 vs Flash” as the lack of Flash support within iOS has driven a marked trend away from Flash and towards HTML/CSS/JS based interactions utilising alot of CSS3’s functionality to produce graphically richer/smoother animations.

  2. Luke — good feedback. I didn’t mean to compare HTML5 against CSS3 but to show how they are both increasing in popularity. I’ve updated the heading to use ‘and’ rather than ‘vs.’

  3. Let’s be honest, if someone searches for “Android” it can be from the Operating System, a science report, or the latest sci-fi movie, among other things. If someone searches for “iOS”, it can only be Apple’s operating system, so it’s a little hard(and unfair) to compare these two directly.

  4. @wpresponsive you have a point, Didn’t think of that. But seeing how the Samsung is kicking the iPhones ass at this stage we can give and take a few points

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